Community Threatened by Sewer Lines: Rincon Water District – Holding Last Minute Public Hearing on Tuesday 10/11/16

This from our Friends of Eden Valley…Please support them if you can!
Late last week, Rincon Del Diablo Water District announced a last minute public hearing to hear feedback from the public regarding their Sewer Master Plan Related to Exercising Latent Powers Authority. We need as many people as possible to attend this extremely important meeting as it will be attended by important decision makers in the district. The District released their Draft Sewer Master Plan Document on Friday afternoon and are hosting the meeting on Tuesday . The meeting announcement just meets the minimum advance notice requirements of the Brown Act, but it is enough time to read and digest the document.
When: Tuesday, October 11, 6pm to 9pm
Where: Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District Office,
Address: 1920 North Iris Lane, Escondido, California.
What: This previously unscheduled meeting, seems to be in response to the strong showing at the NOP meeting (thanks all who showed) in which ratepayers and members of the public expressed opposition and concern about the District’s plans. On Friday, they released their DRAFT 2016 Sewer Master Plan (see link: here) and have given us only a few days to digest it before the meeting on Tuesday. Those who plan to attend, please take a look at the document and be prepared to ask the hard questions (but respectfully and in the spirit of cooperation and openness).
Important: The entire Board of Directors for the District will be present at this meeting and will “consider all oral and written comments, if any, in connection with the 2016 Sewer Master Plan.”
Implications: This meeting is extremely important. We strongly urge ALL ratepayers in Eden Valley and Harmony Grove to attend this meeting and be prepared to comment, particularly as it pertains to how this plan affects you as a ratepayer and a member of a rural community. It will be important to let them know that the plan goes directly against the wishes of our communities (as documented in our community plan and encoded in the General Plan of San Diego) and does not bring any benefit to ratepayers or the rest of the community. We also encourage anyone (not just ratepayers) in the Eden Valley, Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest communities to attend to help make the statement that we are united as a community and strongly oppose sewer lines anywhere in our community due to the well-documented fact that sewer lines induce growth and development where otherwise there would be none. This affects everyone in the unincorporated communities of Eden Valley, Harmony Grove andElfin Forest.

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