Celebrate our INTERdependence! Come practice meditation and mindfulness at Terra Madre Garden Saturday, JULY 2 10:30

This time of year there is much talk about ‘independence’.  But, really, as members of the world community and ecosystem, the truth is we are all interdependent.  We are woven into the web of life, or, as Dr. King said, we are in …an inescapable network of
mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

Nothing and no one exists outside all others. This theme will be explored and celebrated at Terra Madre Gardens in Escondido on Saturday, July 2 at 10:30 in a free event.
Please see more information at Celebrate Interdependence

DTSC directs additional action on Felicita Creek cleanup

We received good news today in form of a letter from the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) directing the Chatham Group (Potentially Responsible Parties) to do additional analysis to figure out how to ‘reduce or stop the flow of site-related contaminants to the creek’.   DTSC Letter to Chatham PRPs

Today’s directive from DTSC is evidence that DTSC is taking community input into consideration and helping bring all parties together to find a solution.  We appreciate their serious consideration of our comments and commitment on this issue and we commit to continue our efforts until the contributions and exposure at the creek are stopped.   This is a problem that can and should be solved.

You may recall that ENU filed comments in April ENU Comments on Felicita Creek Study asking the regulators to demand additional analysis and action on the creek cleanup.

Please take a moment to review today’s letter from DTSC.

Water Regulators Respond to Felicita Creek Cleanup Feasibility Study

Today, the Regional Water Quality Control Board filed a letter responding to recommendations made by the Chatham PRP Group. WaterBoard June 15 2016 letter on Felicita Feasibility

ENU is very grateful that the Water Board has refused the ‘status quo’ of continued monitoring as the solution.  The Water Board has asked for more detailed monitoring and modeling of how the contaminants get into the creek so that a suitable and effective remediation can be pursued.

We thank the Board and the many regulators who are working hard to remedy this situation.

Please review this letter and stay involved in this important issue for our neighborhood.

SACRED EARTH SACRED TRUST Earth Celebration at Terra Madre Organic Farm TODAY 3pm

Sacred Earth Ceremony
at Terra
Madre Gardens
9928 Protea Gardens Rd. Escondido
Near I-15 and Deer Springs Road Exit  
SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 3:00 PM
June 12, 2016 is a
worldwide, multi-faith day of prayer and action for the planet.  Join us as we gather as a community at Terra
Madre Gardens and add our voices to the call for world leaders to commit to a
1.5o C limit on global temperature rise. 
June 12 marks the six-month anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement
and communities around the world will come together in a day of commitment and
blessing for the earth.
v  We will celebrate the Earth and
all her beings.
v  We will reaffirm our commitment to
each other and to our role as caretakers of the Earth and all species.
v  We will reassert the importance of
committing to the
1.5o C goal
to protect the most vulnerable.
Create an Earth Altar: 
Please bring a small offering to our Earth Altar to express our deep
commitment to our planet.  It can be
something from nature, a photo, a small statue, something meaningful to you
about your relationship to the Earth.
Sitting meditation– Plum Village Earth Holders will
lead a guided meditation on the Earth. 
Even if you have never meditated, you can join in and sit in peace.
Walking meditation through the organic garden
Where:            Terra Madre Gardens, a commercial
family organic farm and community center. 
             Everyone is invited,
children are encouraged

December, representatives of 196 nations gathered in Paris and reached an
international agreement on climate change. 
However, t
he current commitments to reduce emissions allow
an extremely dangerous 2.7°C increase.  Even
the goal governments gave themselves is fixed around 2°C.  Experts & activists are arguing for a
vital push for 1.5°C as a true upper limit. 
This seemingly small difference would prevent well over 100 million people
from losing their homes due to droughts, floods, sea level rise and devastating
The worldwide
interfaith community played an important role in making the agreement
happen.  Now, we need to continue to
provide support and encouragement for world leaders to commit to 1.5o