Save our Escondido Library Next Steps: Next Meeting August 8th

Here is an update about what is happening from the Save Our Escondido Library Coalition.  This is a very important issue and we hope everyone will get involved.

Here is some information:  Flyer for Save Our Library

Library Privatization issue information 

Meeting Summary from the Save Our Library Coalition
On July 24, 2017, close to 100 people crowded into the Chalice Chapel to learn
about the values and benefits of public libraries and to plan to save our own
last Escondido Public Library from privatization.  We are unified
that we must save our Escondido library from privatization!

Check out the news: Times Advocate Article 
San Diego Free Press Article
Here is some background  Library Privatization Background
Keep Our Public Library Public

Librarian Whitney McCoy gave an amazing presentation– Public Library
Evading Civic Responsibility– which you can view on the above link.

Although many people believed this is ‘a done deal’, it has not yet
been voted on
by the City Council.  Until it is, it is not
done.  It is up to us to let this Council know what we think—and
what the consequences will be for their re-election if they do this.

Here is some background and key points:

  • Libraries are
    an investment in a community—and a good one.  The
    American Library Association (ALA) found that for every $1 spent on public
    libraries, the local community receives $5.48 in economic value.
  • The Escondido
    Public Library (EPL) has been a cornerstone of our community since 1894
  • EPL had
    447,827 visits in 2015-2016: 1,435 visitors per day! And 80,360 annual
    uses of public computers
  • Budget
    comprises only 3% of Escondido’s general fund budget
  • The Grand
    Jury did not recommend privatization.  It criticized
    the Council for not spending full funds available on library needs. 
    You can read the report here Grand Jury Report on Escondido Library
  • Library
    S&S is a well-known library takeover corporation with a reputation for
    opportunistic preying on libraries where communities are in a rough
    patch.  Their record in Riverside is appalling. Compared to the
    comparably sized San Diego Public Library system, LSS employed 77 fewer
    professional MLIS librarians than San Diego Library System and spent
    over $500,000 less on children’s material than SD’s
  • Privatizing a
    public library is a red flag for a local government that is derelict in
    its duties to its citizenry
  • Contracting
    with LSS will remove our taxpayer money from the local community and
    put it in the hands of a private, for-profit, equity firm-controlled
    company with no obligation for transparency and no incentive for
    responding to our needs
  • We need a
    public library that represents our local interests and is staffed by
    qualified professionals, who are compensated fairly, and contribute to our
  • Outsourcing
    library management goes against the fundamental role of the library as
    integral to our community, to our public education, and to our democracy
  • We want our
    tax-dollars from our community to stay in our community—not be shipped to
    Maryland for corporate profits.
Please communication with your Mayor and Councilmember. Find out who your Councilman is here

If you would like to save our library from devastation, WE NEED TO ACT
CALL the Mayor and City Council and let them know your
feelings.  Ask to speak directly to them or leave a message.   

WRITE an email or letter with your concerns and
request for them to stop wasting money and time on the this misguided
privatization effort.
You can email them all at once here or
send to 201 North Broadway, Escondido, CA 92025-2798

WRITE a letter to the editor
and Times-Advocate and

Mark your Calendars!
ATTEND August 8th, 2pm Library Trustee meeting at
the library.
RALLY August 16, 3:30 pm in front of City Hall-  Save Our
Escondido Library Rally.  Bring your sign, hat, water, and sunscreen!
ATTEND August 16, 4:30 City Hall meeting and speak on public
comment.  Turn in speaker card with your position on it whether you speak
or not!  Bring a 8.5 x 11 inch sign with your own ‘Save our Library’
TALK to your friends and neighbors!  Let them know what
our Council is about to do!

Communities Rise Up to Protect County General Plan: Comment to Stop Newland Sierra

Here’s the report from the amazing turnout against Newland Sierra sprawl development  KPBS Report on Community Meeting.  This project seeks to upzone very sensitive habitat areas from 99 allowable homes plus some commercial to over 2,000 homes plus commercial.  

This is a project that is similar to several that have been defeated before. Why? Because it is a TERRIBLE IDEA! When the County adopted their General Plan after years of planning, this site WAS NOT the location that made any sense for new residential.  The current plan only allow 99 homes.

Worse, this area in a natural state was designated Pre-Approved Mitigation Area (PAMA) meaning the resources values are so sensitive that this is an area planned for mitigation of development elsewhere.  It is critical  wildlife corridor for movement of species and was part of the PAMA for the North County Multiple Species Conservation Plan.

If we lose this amazing area of habitat, many wildlife species may be doomed.

Please be sure you comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) by August 14.  Here’s more info here.  Stop Newland Action Alert Comment by August 14  Here is a guide to writing a CEQA comment letter if you need it CEQA Comments Guide

Supervisor Gaspar Tours Felicita Park with ENU leaders

Last month ENU Board members had the pleasure of meeting our new supervisor Kristin Gaspar and offered a tour of Felicita Park. She was very interested in the issues facing the park and, like us, loved the beauty of the park. She even helped us pick up recyclables!

She was very interested in the issues facing the Park and the community.  We are looking forward to working with Supervisor Gaspar and her staff.

Oppose Newland Sierra: Public meeting July 18 at 6pm

The County has released the Draft EIR for massive development project Newland Sierra.  The only public meeting on the DEIR will be held TUESDAY, July 18 at 6 PM in San Marcos.  You can learn more here Meeting info

Among many other negatives, this project would undermine sensitive habitat that is supposed to be designated for protection.  Check out this website Stop Newland Sierra SD Deserves Better

Help the local community defeat this project.

Save the Escondido Library! Attend the Library Trustee meeting July 11, 2 PM

The Escondido City Council is considering privatizing the Escondido Public Library.  If you care about libraries, please attend the Trustee meeting this TUESDAY, July 11 at 2 PM and learn more and share your thoughts.
Here is one view of privatization from a professional librarian and Escondido resident.  Worth a read Editorial on Library issue

Info on the meeting July 11 meeting info