ENU Comments to DTSC on Draft Oak Creek Removal Plan- All letters due July 30,2015

Here is our comment letter ENU to DTSC July 27 2015 and some reports we refer to in the letter
Kearney Foundation Soil Science Report and DTSC’s Arsenic Background Report.   Please review and make sure to offer any comments on this project if you are intersested.  Letters should be mailed to

Poonam Acharya, Project Manager
of Toxic Substances Control
Corporate Avenue
California 90630

Email:  Poonam.Acharya@dtsc.ca.gov 

Learn about Rainwater Harvesting, Workshop August 8, 9-Noon

The Sky Mountain Permaculture Institute is holding a  Rainwater Harvesting Workshop on August 8th from 9- noon.
NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center show that strong-to-moderate El Niño conditions are present in the tropical Pacific. But it won’t end the drought in California. We encourage everyone to start planning how you are going to catch the winter rains now, as it takes time to install large rainwater tanks and earthworks. This class will include a presentation on rainwater harvesting and a practical demonstration on how to install three large tanks (2825 and  2 x 1320 gallons) with overflow earthworks. 
Cost $25 Saturday, August 8th from 9 am to noon 

LAFCO hearing on Oak Creek Set for August 3, 2015 9 am

The meeting to consider the annexation (reorganization) of the Oak Creek property to the city of Escondido has been noticed  LAFCO Meeting notice and report for Oak Creek

Email below.

The proposed “Oak Creek Reorganization” to the City of
Escondido has been scheduled to be heard by LAFCO at the August 3, 2015
meeting. You have received this email because you have previously indicated
interest in the proposed reorganization.
Attached is a Meeting Notice, a copy of the LAFCO
Preliminary Staff Report, and a copy of the vicinity map for the proposed
reorganization area. A Final Staff Report will be mailed to all affected
agencies and interested parties, and will be posted to the LAFCO website approximately
one week prior to the August 3rd meeting.
Please contact Robert Barry with any questions.
Robert Barry, AICP
San Diego LAFCO
9335 Hazard Way, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123
858 614-7788

Announcing our new series–the Jewels of Escondido. First up, the Wooden Spoon Restaurant

At our ENU meeting last night, we took some time to share all the things we love about our city. Escondido often is in the news in a negative way, but there are so many wonderful things about our city.  We thought we would start a new series to share what we all think are the Jewels of Escondido!
Jewel #1  THE WOODEN SPOON  Wooden Spoon Website
The first one was an overwhelming favorite  The Wooden Spoon the new Farm-to-Table restaurant on East Valley Parkway. Here’s what they say, and we agree!!!!  Please support local Escondido Businesses.

The Wooden Spoon Restaurant provides the freshest quality foods, sourced from local San Diego farms and artisans. We are organic when possible, GMO-free, sustainable and natural. Our food is made with love and respect. Our family looks forward to serving you!

Let us know if you have a nomination for a Jewel of Escondido!!!