NEW Jewel of Escondido: Take Care of Your Back at Spine Zone of Escondido

A wonderful and helpful new business has just moved to Escondido.  SPINE ZONE is a unique physical therapy treatment for aching backs.  Our members have had amazing success at Spine Zone. The staff  is fantastic, the program is reasonably priced, and the results are really amazing.
Check out their website: Spine Zone Website
There are free consultations if it is your first time.  The program trains you on a series of specially targeted weight machines modified to strengthen all of the muscles related to your back.

If your back has ‘gone out’, then you know what that pain is like.  This is the place for you so it never happens again!  

If you haven’t yet had back failure, do yourself a favor and go to Spine Zone as a preventative measure.  If it helps even one person from excruciating suffering  of back pain, this post will be worth it!
Spine Zone is located at 1600 SOUTH ESCONDIDO BOULEVARD, ESCONDIDO, CA 92025, 844 316 7979
GO!  You won’t regret it!

Abed’s Hostile View of Protecting Water Quality Featured in San Diego Union Tribune

Mayor Abed and his on-going hostility toward environmental regulation is now getting regional attention.  An excellent article in the San Diego Union Tribune last month outed the Mayor on his failure to comply with the important stormwater regulations. Abeds Parking Lots Skipped Rules.

Then, the Mayor was featured on the, often conservative, editorial page of the same newspaper Abed Compounds his Error documenting his response stating.   The mayor’s response was to blast the water board as politically motivated partisans trying to drag him down. What evidence did he offer? None. His claim that Escondido has been singled out simply doesn’t hold up.

The Water Board is rightly calling Escondido on the carpet for their failure to enforce water quality regulations.   Since the carrot didn’t work the Mayor and the majority of the city council, it is now high time for the stick.

We support strong action on the part of the Regional Water Board.  This city is flagrantly irresponsible about their responsibilities to our precious natural resources.

Supervisor Dave Roberts weighs in for Felicita Creek watershed enhancement

Please see text of letter below from Supervisor Dave Roberts supporting ENU’s request for in-watershed mitigation.  Please let the Supervisor know of your appreciation for supporting this common sense request to the Regional Board.  
Thank you Supervisor Roberts!

9, 2016    
Monji & Eric Becker
Water Quality Control Board
2375 Northside Dr., Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108
   Oak Creek Project Comment- Tentative Certification No.
request for amendments
Mr. Monji and Mr. Becker,
office has followed the Oak Creek Housing development project in Escondido for
several years.  While the project has both supporters and opponents, one
issue has emerged that I respectfully request you to consider. 
understand that the proposed mitigation for impacts to water quality in the
creek and the riparian habitat are proposed to occur at the San Luis Rey River,
a different watershed than where the impacts will occur.  I urge your
office to investigate the opportunities to mitigate in the Felicita Creek
watershed or, at a minimum, elsewhere in the San Dieguito River watershed.
the Third District County Supervisor representing this area, I know how
important cleaning up Felicita Park and its creek is to nearby residents. 
Targeting this sensitive and previously-disturbed habitat for mitigation makes
sense and will be embraced by local residents.  Thank you for your
consideration and willingness to evaluate this request.

Third District Supervisor

Diego County Board of Supervisors