UPDATE #2: A Christmas Present from DTSC– 5 new soil vapor probes around Chatham plumes!

Recently, documents were posted to the Dept. of Toxic
Substances Control (DTSC) archive, ENVIROSTOR, related to the Chatham
subsurface contaminated plumes.   2015_July_DTSC_Comments  and Summary_Report_Sept_24_2015
good news in the documents is the direction to and agreement by the Chatham PRP
group to install five additional permanent soil vapor probes in our area!  This is great news and all of them are
close to residential areas so we can learn more about any potential impact to
properties from Chatham.
Noting one area near the Oak Creek Development is an area “where there is sparse groundwater plume data
and existing residences”
(pg. 2 of summary report and pg.2 in January 14, 2105 memo.) three of the probes will
be installed along the east side of Felicita Road north of Miller Avenue at 5
and 10 feet bls.  They will be monitored every six months.  We will be trying to determine if these
conditions are sufficient.
The other two are along Gamble Lane in an area where “Chlorinated solvent detections..  warrant additional delineation…for the
purpose of evaluating vapor intrusion to the nearby residence.”
  (pg 1, Summary report and pg.1 in January 14, 2105 memo).
Although the original request from DTSC was made in January
of 2015, it seems through some snafus that it was not finally acted on until
late in 2015.   
These stations are something Escondido Neighbors United have
requested for a long time.  We appreciate
that they are finally being installed.