REMINDER: Please file comments on the water quality permit by FRIDAY AT 5PM!

Please file any comments you have about the water quality impacts of the Oak Creek development before Jan 29 FRIDAY AT 5PM.  Here is more information if you want to read more Info on Oak Creek 401 Water Quality permit

Here is where to file your email:

Eric Becker
Alan Monji
Water Quality Control Board
RE:  Oak Creek Project Comment- Tentative
Certification No. R9-2014-0054 request for amendments

ACTION ALERT: Please comment on Oak Creek water permit- ENU comment letter filed

Please review Escondido Neighbors United’s comment letter on the draft 401 Water Quality Certification filed yesterday.  ENU to Water Board comment on Oak Creek 401 Cert.  Our videos of some current conditions that were attached are here Status of Flood waters conditions

The comment period closes on January 29th.  Go here for a copy of the draft 401 Cert  Info on Draft 401 Cert for Oak Creek

Please write a comment letter/email to the Water Board by January 29th if you want to protect Felicita Creek this is the last chance to comment on this issue.  

Please address to Mr. Eric Becker and Mr. Alan Monji at the Regional Water Quality Control Board and put Oak Creek Project Comment- Tentative Certification No. R9-2014-0054 in the subject.

Email to before January 29, 2016

Status of flood water levels in Felicita Creek

This post will be where we document the conditions of Felicita Creek pre-Oak Creek development. Runoff, water quality, and erosion impacts on Felicita Creek, Felicita Park, and downstream residents is a major concern that we do not believe has been adequately addressed by the decision-makers in this project.

Here are the videos we offer as attachments to our January 14, 2016 letter.


In the Park and north of Via Rancho Parkway

Felicita Creek from Park road looking North_Jan_6_2016orth

Felicita Creek from park road looking south_Jan-6-2016

Felicita Creek at Yolanda Fleets Driveway Jan 6, 2016

Along Quiet Hills Drive

Along Quiet Hills Drive #1 Jan_6_2016

Along QHD #2

Quiet Hills Drive Bridge covered

At corner of Quiet Hills Drive and Quiet Place

Update #3: Even MORE attacks on the County’s new General Plan– 43 to be exact!

Here is another update from an ally. 

December 17th, the County of San Diego  held a scoping meeting regarding a
Notice of Preparation (NOP) to make General Plan Amendments (GPAs) for 43
Property Specific Requests (PSRs).  All 43 of these requests call for zoning
changes to increase density, mostly in rural North County San Diego.   In total,
these requests call for up to an additional 2,800 dwellings.  This meeting was
not Lilac Hills Ranch related, but there are several new requests regarding
property in Valley Center and Bonsall that are in the same vicinity.  It is of grave concern that after 13 years, $18 million dollars, and countless public meetings, developers  are attempting to subvert the General Plan.   It should be noted that the Board
of Supervisors directed the planning department to initiate these GPA/PSR
studies less than 1 year after the General Plan was adopted at an estimated
cost of at least an additional $1.5 million dollars to tax payers.  This lacks
transparency and begs some questions about a conflict of interest.

Here is a link to the scoping meeting and specific maps:

The public comment period
ends February 4th.
Please write the County and let them know that the General Plan should not be monkeyed with.  There is plenty of growth allowed in the General Plan in the planned places.  They should not be increasing it elsewhere.

County staff weighs in on Safari Highland Ranch proposal

We recently received a copy of the County staff comments on the Notice of Preparation for the Safari Highlands Ranch project.  October, 2015 Letter from SD County staff on SHR.  We are especially glad that the staff noted the number of annexations coming from Escondido, lack of impact fees, concerns about PAMA compliance, concerns about storm water compliance, and the lack of an adopted multiple species conservation plan for Escondido.  These are just a few major problems with this project.   Stay tuned!