Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Escondido Neighbors United wants to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season.  There are so many wonders around us to celebrate this season.  Here is a little gift for you Toyon Berries and Friend to enjoy.  The visit of the Cedar Waxwings and Bluebirds in the area are a nice reminder of the beautiful area we live in.  If you haven’t seen ‘Crowstock’ in Felicita Park you might check it out after the next rain.  A mass of crows (or ravens) converge on the lawn and feast on worms.  Quiet a sight.  

Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in the New Year!

Please Support our GoFundMe Campaign to Protect our Wildlife

We have learned that the Oak Creek project now includes long 5-foot high glass walls next to the sensitive habitat on the site.  This is untenable!  These wall will cause the death of many birds that will collide with the glass walls.  Collisions with windows and glass surfaces cause the death of millions of birds each year.  We have to stand up for wildlife!  Please consider supporting our GoFundMe campaign.  Any amount will help a lot.
Local wildlife brings so much beauty to our lives, it needs our support!  Please check it out!