REMINDER Public Meeting TONIGHT on Chatham Barrel Yard Cleanup 6:30pm at the Center for the Arts Escondido

Please attend and help us cleanup our Park and Neighborhood!
It’s Time for More Action on Chatham
 Residents to Request New Strategy for Cleaning up State Superfund Site
at Tuesday Meeting in Escondido
The meeting will be held, Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 6:30-9:00 pm at the California Center for the Arts Escondido, 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido.

Please attend this meeting Meeting info

The Chatham Barrel Yard, located at 2257 Bernardo Avenue in southwest Escondido, is the largest site in the region contaminated with toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon pollution.  Pollution at Chatham was discovered in the 1980s and it was deemed so highly contaminated that it was designated a ‘State Superfund’ site.  Over 11,000 tons of highly toxic soil was removed from the site and a groundwater treatment system was put into operation at the site. 
However, during the past several decades, plumes of contamination from the site have migrated in groundwater over a mile from the site (see map.) Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the site have contaminated local water wells and groundwater. 
The plumes are also discharging pollution into Felicita Creek at levels that violate water quality plans.  The contaminated plumes are now under most of Felicita Park, existing homes, and farmland   In addition, the plumes are migrating to the south in the direction of Lake Hodges, a drinking water storage area.
This is a tragic situation that has not been resolved in almost 20 years of remedial action.  In spite of the significant off-yard contamination problems, no active cleanup of the plume has occurred.   Local resident Ryan Salazar stated, “We have waited long enough and I would like to see the Department of Toxic Substances require more action.  It is time to do more, before it gets worse.”    Residents will be calling for a new strategy for cleanup.
The meeting will be held, Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 6:30-9:00 pm at the California Center for the Arts Escondido, 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido.
Escondido Neighbors United formed this year in response to environmental and community issues in the Escondido area.  Our mission is to advance protection of communities, protection of natural resources, ensure sustainable planning and development, secure cleanup of contamination, and support of environmental justice in the Escondido area. or follow @EscoNeighbors on Twitter.


Watch CHANNEL 10 NEWS Report on Chatham Barrel Yard Contamination

Watch this fantastic in-depth reporting on the Chatham Site.  10news Investigates Toxic Chemicals in Creek, Park, Wells  Please join Escondido Neighbors United at the Public meeting tomorrow, Sept. 30 at 6:30 pm at the Center for the Arts Escondido.  We need more Action on Chatham!!!  Thanks Channel 10 for covering this important issue!

Comments DUE MONDAY on Oak Creek Housing DEIR . Please comment

Just a quick reminder that MONDAY SEPT. 29TH 5 pm is the deadline for commenting on the DEIR for the Oak Creek housing development.  Please comment on any concerns you have about the project or improvements you would like to see.  ENU is also supporting a better alternative that reduces traffic, protects wildlife, reduces traffic, and is consistent with community character…Oak PARK Alternative.  Here is a link to some of our concerns and alternatives for the project.
Issues and Alternatives to Oak Creek

Please take time to read about this and comment on it.  Your Neighborhood needs your Input!

REMINDER Candidate Forum Tonight! Come ask questions of the Escondido Candidates

I know we’ve had a lot of meetings lately, but this is a dynamic and critically important time in the future of our City!  A lot will be determined by the results of the next election.  Our future is hanging in the balance.  Come tonight to City Hall Council Chambers and hear from the candidates for Districts 1 and 2 and the Mayor’s race.  Submit questions to be asked!!!  Here is our opportunity to get our issues the attention they need!  6pm tonight!!!!

REMINDER Public Meeting MONDAY at 6pm on Oak Creek Housing development

Just a quick reminder about the Escondido Public Meeting tomorrow
Monday, September 22, 6 PM:  Escondido Public Meeting on Oak Creek Housing Development Draft EIR in Council Chambers, 201 North Broadway. 

 Please attend.   This is a good opportunity to learn about the project, ask questions, and provide input.  
ENU does not support the project as currently proposed.  Come and urge the city and the developers to work on a less dense alternative that is more appropriate for the area. We are hoping that improvements will be made so that the project impacts on the neighbors, future residents, and the environment will be reduced.  Please see our Action Alert here