ACTION ALERT: Please comment on Oak Creek water permit- ENU comment letter filed

Please review Escondido Neighbors United’s comment letter on the draft 401 Water Quality Certification filed yesterday.  ENU to Water Board comment on Oak Creek 401 Cert.  Our videos of some current conditions that were attached are here Status of Flood waters conditions

The comment period closes on January 29th.  Go here for a copy of the draft 401 Cert  Info on Draft 401 Cert for Oak Creek

Please write a comment letter/email to the Water Board by January 29th if you want to protect Felicita Creek this is the last chance to comment on this issue.  

Please address to Mr. Eric Becker and Mr. Alan Monji at the Regional Water Quality Control Board and put Oak Creek Project Comment- Tentative Certification No. R9-2014-0054 in the subject.

Email to before January 29, 2016

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