Another Response to Mayoral Accusations–An Annotated and Referenced Community Editorial

During the Oak Creek public meeting last week, Sam Abed attacked, among others, two community residents, Fred Progner and Ron Forster, who had a Community Editorial published in the San Diego UT about our collective concerns about Oak Creek and Chatham.   SDUT Residents Seek Action

Today, Forster sent an annotated version of the Opinion piece with the references included. Annotated Opinion Editorial . Here is a text of the message accompanying the Annotated Editorial

Mayor Abed,
I had planned to attend the City Council meeting today to speak on public comment but was called away to a family emergency.  However, I wanted to respond to your strong statements about the accuracy of the OpEd my neighbor and I had published in the San Diego Union Tribune.  You stated that our community editorial was “50 to 60%” false, misleading, and inaccurate.   Since you never agreed to any of our requests to meet with you and did not ask us any questions when we presented, we don’t know what you think is incorrect. Please find a fully referenced and annotated version of the OpEd.   
Even though the vote is over, the issues remain.  We repeat our request to meet with you or any member of the City Council who has questions or would like to understand the issues better.  We thank Councilmember Diaz for being the only Councilmember who responded to our requests for a meeting.
We hope all will review these references since the statements in the editorial were accurate and well-founded.  Escondido Neighbors United has done our homework.  We have read the documents and, yes, we have comments about them.  That’s what a public process is. 

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