Palomar Audubon offers Birding Class

A great way to learn about all of our avian neighbors!  Palomar Audubon Society is
again offering bird classes on consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning Tuesday
April 16, 2019. The first three classes will be for beginners and the last
three (starting Tuesday May 7th) will be for intermediate birders. The classes
will be integrated for beginners taking both classes. There will be three
Saturday field trips, April 27
th, May11thand May 25th.
Classes will start at 6:30 Pm
and run for 90 minutes. They will be held at the Glassman Recreational Center
at 18448 RB Community Center Drive off West Bernardo Drive (the large Casa De
Las Companas Retirement Home is on the east side of this intersection).
The classes will cover the
classification of birds, field markings of local birds, behavior, vocalization,
tracking, and the different habitats in San Diego County.
Cost for either class is $
60.00 and the cost for both is $ 90.00.
The course will be led by
Phoenix Von Hendy, a long-time birding leader in North County and a certified tracker
naturalist. For questions about the course contact Richard  at To register, complete the form below and send with
check to
Palomar Audubon Society, P.O.
Box 2483, Escondido, Ca. 92033-2483 by April 13, 2019.
                                      REGISTRATION FORM
Name(s):___________________________  Phone:______________________________
____ Beginner/novice $60.00
____ Intermediate      $60.00 
____ Both classes       $90.00 each               Total inclosed : __________________
Mail form and check to
Palomar Audubon Society, P.0. Box 2483, Escondido, Ca.
92033-2483 by April 20th,

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