Library Trustees agree with public, Vote unanimously to oppose outsourcing our library

Sporting library heart badges, over 150 residents were on-hand as the Board of Library Trustees voted unanimously to oppose the outsourcing
of the Escondido Library

concerns about loss of transparency, accountability, volunteer support, and
community cohesion speaker after speaker urged the Trustees to save the library
and recommend against outsourcing.  A frequent
theme of the commenters was a lack of trust and confidence in the current
Council majority when it comes to libraries. It was very apparent the
Council closing of the East Valley Branch is still an open wound for Escondido
residents.  At the end of the meeting the Trustees voted unanimously to oppose outsourcing and the audience burst into cheers!

Media Release

This is
a significant victory for Save Our Escondido Library Coalition who have worked
tirelessly since the first heard about this threat to our library last month
, but the fight is not over!  The City council still has to vote on this.  Please join the Save Our Escondido Library Coalition at the next City Council meeting on August 16th.  A rally in front of City Hall will be held at 3:30 and residents are invited to speak to the Council directly on public comment at 4:30.

email Liz White at to be added to the Save the Escondido Library Coalition
information list.  You can also visit
the Issue Escondido Indivisible

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