A Big THANK YOU to Supervisor Kristin Gaspar: Helping protect Felicita Park’s habitat from invasive plants

Great news for Felicita Park!  Today, Supervisor Kristin Gaspar helped us take an important step to ridding Felicita Creek with invasive palm trees!

As part of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program which provides funding for essential services to citizens of San Diego County, Supervisor Gaspar dedicated $15,000 to complete the
removal of invasive palm trees at Felicita Park.

This is an important action and welcome news.  The palm trees in the park worsen erosion significantly and spread their invasive seeds widely in the Park’s habitat.  They contaminate Felicita Park, Creek, downstream neighborhoods, and Lake Hodges.

In some cases, the palms have displaced important native trees like oaks, willows, and sycamores.  In other areas, they grow up through the branches of our elder oaks and can pull them down.

None of the palms in Felicita Park are native to the area and need to be removed for the health of the habitat, trees, and to reduce impacts on the creek.

Escondido Neighbors United is grateful for Supervisor Gaspar’s ‘take action’ attitude and we are looking forward to continued work together for the benefit of our region.

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