Communities Rise Up to Protect County General Plan: Comment to Stop Newland Sierra

Here’s the report from the amazing turnout against Newland Sierra sprawl development  KPBS Report on Community Meeting.  This project seeks to upzone very sensitive habitat areas from 99 allowable homes plus some commercial to over 2,000 homes plus commercial.  

This is a project that is similar to several that have been defeated before. Why? Because it is a TERRIBLE IDEA! When the County adopted their General Plan after years of planning, this site WAS NOT the location that made any sense for new residential.  The current plan only allow 99 homes.

Worse, this area in a natural state was designated Pre-Approved Mitigation Area (PAMA) meaning the resources values are so sensitive that this is an area planned for mitigation of development elsewhere.  It is critical  wildlife corridor for movement of species and was part of the PAMA for the North County Multiple Species Conservation Plan.

If we lose this amazing area of habitat, many wildlife species may be doomed.

Please be sure you comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) by August 14.  Here’s more info here.  Stop Newland Action Alert Comment by August 14  Here is a guide to writing a CEQA comment letter if you need it CEQA Comments Guide

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