More progress on Chatham: Another treatment well is installed

We are happy to report that the ‘Fleet’ well is receiving its treatment system under the Chatham remediation efforts!  This well, located adjacent to Felicita road and south of the Park, has been tested for contamination for several years and found to exceed cleanup levels significantly (2-3 times the cleanup level).   This has been a long time in coming and, once finally in operation, will ensure that water from that well will remove contaminants before the water is used.  This well has been on an increasing trajectory for contamination results for several years (Table 3, H&A, 2015) and has been of concern as it is a downstream ‘toe’ of the TCE/PCE contamination plumes.   Depth of the wells is relevant.  As a water table well (shallow), the Fleet well contamination is all the more significant and of concern.

We are glad to see that this well is finally getting a treatment system.  We will continue to monitor the situation with the downstream VOCs and 1, 4-dioxane.

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