DTSC releases Community Update on Chatham Barrel Yard contamination

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has issued a year-end update on the contamination in the ground water coming released from the Chatham Barrel Yard in SW Escondido.  Please read it here  DTSC Community Update

ENU has been actively and diligently working on this site and support the soil vapor testing near some homes.  We are anxious to see the results.  It seems significant that one home will undergo follow-up indoor testing, but we haven’t see the raw data so we don’t know.  We are also curious how ‘low’ the levels of PCE are found in other sampling sites.  ENU will continue to look into this issue more to see if remediation needs to be conducted in these areas.

We are glad to hear that there will be a public meeting to discuss the Feasibility Study for stopping the flow of contaminants into Felicita Creek in the Park.  We will be sure to notify everyone of that meeting.

Stay Informed.  If you are interested in this site and issue, please sign up for updates at Sign up for Chatham Email Updates

The top priority of Escondido Neighbors United in 2017 is to ensure that contamination entering the creek and soil vapors near homes is eliminated.

Please join us if you, too, support this goal.

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