Vote NO on Measures A and B: Environmental, Climate, Jobs, and Community Groups urge

The San Diego Quality of Life coalition, including organizations that work on climate solutions, environmental issues, jobs, and public health have banded together to urge strong opposition to Measure A.  You can learn more here No Way Measure A Website.  Opponents to measure A include Climate Action Campaign, Sierra Club, Environmental Health Coalition, and others

A No vote is also urged on Measure B a developer sponsored proposition that would allow developer to circumvent the public process and result in more sprawl development, worsening our traffic and fire risks.  More info here Save Our Contryside No on B website.  Opposition to Measure B includes local community groups, League of Conservation Voters, San Diego Audubon Society, League of Women voters, North County Climate Coalition, and others

If passed, these two measures would have devastating impacts on our local region.  Please choose with the future in mind.

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