DON’T SIGN the Lilac Hills Initiative for massive development– Spread the Word

One item from the excellent Workshop last night was that the Lilac Hills Developers are circulating a petition to put an initiative on the November Ballot.  You’ll know it by its size (over 800 pages)!


Per the presentation, the initiative exempts the project from CEQA and removes the few reasonable conditions that had been added by the County Planning Commission. Like other projects it is seeking a General Plan Amendment to upzone the area.

It bears repeating that the County General Plan already allows and locates over 70,000 new housing units.  There is no need to amend and upzone the County General Plan as is being done repeatedly.  It also includes what some are calling ‘get out of lawsuits cards’ meaning providing safe haven from laws required to protect the public and the environment. Voice of San Diego story

If you have already signed it and want to remove your signature, you can request a Signature Withdrawl Card from the Registrar of Voters.  The signatures are due on June 1.  Please tell your friends too!

Together we can protect our region!

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