Please support Keepin’ it Rural!!!! Next SUNDAY, October 25th

Please support Keepin’ it Rural!!!!  Next SUNDAY, October 25th

The Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Town Council (EFHGTC) announced today that it will hold its first Annual “Keepin’ it Rural” Hike and Trail Run at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve on Sunday October 25, 2015.

The communities of Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove (and adjacent Eden Valley) are hidden gems in San Diego North County. They are home to a diverse number of protected species, endangered and threatened plant and wildlife, scenic trails, abundant biological diversity, and some of the last stands of coastal sage scrub and chaparral, after which Elfin Forest is named.

According to the Conservation Biology Institute, “This area represents the only biologically viable core area for coastal sage scrub in north San Diego County, outside of Camp Pendleton. Here lie the last remnants of an imperiled coastal scrub habitat vital to the integrity of San Diego County’s open space network and to the persistence of some of Southern California’s most endangered species,
many of which occur nowhere else on the planet.”

The “Keepin’ It Rural” Hike and Trail Run is the first in a series of events to fund the cause of keeping the area scenic, rural and pristine, and to increase public awareness of its beauty and of the challenges it is facing.

The area’s unique habitat is under threat by major large-scale housing developments. A carefully constructed compromise embedded in the recently approved “land constitution”, the County General Plan, doubled the area population, but kept the density away from open space and from existing rural residences. Now out of town land speculators are attempting to modify this tenuous balance by asking for exceptions placing three-story high apartment buildings right next to preserved open space purchased with taxpayer funding.

“We are working hard to preserve Elfin Forest”, says Jacqueline Arsivaud, Chair of the EFHG Town Council. “We think it is anachronistic in these times of extended droughts and increased fire risks to build high density communities in the backcountry.”

The First Annual “Keepin’ it Rural” 5K and 10K hike and trail run will be held in the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, a 750- acre open space park with 12 miles of trails, and a very popular destination for hikers, runners and mountain bikers in North County. Scenic views all the way to Catalina on a clear day will be part of the reward of those outdoor enthusiasts who come enjoy pristine, undisturbed nature only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. For the trail running enthusiast,
the event will offer one of the best trails in San Diego County, with elevation changes up to 1,600 ft. on single dirt trails, completely surrounded by protected
open space as far as the eye can see.

Online Registration for the event is open and more details are available at

The 10K run will start at 7.45 AM, the 5K run at 8.00 AM. The family-friendly event includes a 1K Fun Run and bounce house, free with adult admission.

Adults will enjoy a Beer Garden with Stone craft IPA and Mimosas, coffee and pastries, food, and a raffle with SPY Optics sunglasses for the winners.

For more information please contact:
Jacqueline Arsivaud or JP Theberge, Race Director
Phone: 760-855-0444 Phone: 619-884-2694

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