Meet the San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance! Please Join and help them oppose Safari Highlands Ranch

Another day, another sprawl development, and another new community group arises to fight back!  
Yes, yet another rural community in Escondido is under threat
from encroaching sprawl development.  This time, it’s called Safari
Highlands Ranch.
Neighbors have once again organized themselves against the
project.  The San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance is the newest community
organization in town.  Please check them out and sign up to stay informed. STOP SHR Website
The second Scoping meeting was held last night and it was
well-attended.  Once again, dozens of concerned residents came to learn
about the process of permitting a project that is outside the sphere of
influence of the city and exceeds the County General Plan densities by an
insane amount.  Another case of the city parachuting a high-density
development into a rural area.
This project is another example of a non-transit
oriented, non-sustainable, and habitat destroying project.  Its leap-frog pattern of development will threaten additional sensitive areas now and in the future.
What was clear to us Monday night was that the City intends to
fast track this project so that it is voted on by our current pro-development
City Council before elections take place in November 2016. 
We have lessons learned from our recent defeat regarding Oak
Creek and we look forward to sharing, neighborhood to neighborhood, with our
new allies at the San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance.

Please sign up and keep informed. Go here to sign up Sign up for updates It will take
all of us to save our community from development interests. 

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