More Jewels of Escondido: Coastal Sewing and Vacuum Cleaners

The next nominee for our “Jewels of Escondido” series comes from one of our members.  Enjoy!
Sewing and Vacuum Cleaners  are situated in downtown Escondido on Grand and Broadway. They have been in
business for over 40 years. They sell really high quality vacuums, particularly
a brand called Simplicity which is American made, and sewing machines and have
a repair service that is efficient and very reasonable. I love that they sell
all non-toxic cleaning products. You can also a hire a carpet cleaner from
them. The owner, Armando, is of Italian descent and is Spanish speaking – he is
very friendly. He demonstrated a vacuum cleaner by letting my dog eat a biscuit
and then vacuuming up the crumbs! 
This is the kind of store we need to support

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