LAFCO prelim staff report out on Oak Creek

The LAFCO Preliminary Staff report on Oak Creek has been issued.  Escondido Neighbors United has already registered our concerns about this in our April 2, 2015 ENU To LAFCO comment letter. The staff report does report on several of the issues that we are concerned but appears to support the annexation or ‘reorganization’.
In this time of drought, it seems meaningful that the new project will create a huge new water demand of at least 33,150 gallons a day in a time when Rincon del Diablo has been given a requirement to reduce water use by 32%.  A recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune showed that Rincon had only reduce by 12%.  We continue to ask the question, how will we meet water conservation reductions if agencies continue to permit new homes, especially in current open space areas.  
LAFCO also increased the annexation area to include more of Hamilton road, but does not remedy the two significant de-facto jurisdictional islands that this project creates.
More later but we wanted to be sure you had access to this report.
The LAFCO hearing date has not yet been set but their meetings are the first Monday of the month.

Escondido Neighbors United is opposed to this reorganization and will communicate our opposition to LAFCO.  

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