DTSC Oak Creek Community Profile Published: Comment period on Cleanup Plan to follow

Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has released their document about the community around the Oak Creek site. DTSC Oak Creek Community Profile 
Many of you may remember receiving a survey in March.  There were 58 logged responses even though the turn-around time was short.  There were many detailed concerns about the project provided to DTSC (see page 9-10 of the document). We remain disappointed that off-site neighbors will still not be notified if there is a contaminant concentration in the airborne dust at elevated levels. If the levels exceed 75% of the action levels, then workers will use personal protective equipment and then dust control measures will be used.  However, we have asked that neighbors be notified so they can take whatever measure they deem  necessary to protect themselves.  This remains unaddressed. DTSC has proposed a land use covenant that will not allow the use of groundwater under the site for any reason due to the presence of Chatham contamination. (P.6).  Fifty-three respondents had a high or moderate level of interest in the site and 41 said they would attend a meeting on the issue.  Most people (55) had heard about the site and the highest point of contact was ‘Neighbors’!!!!  YAY for neighborhood organizing. 🙂
The next steps will be as follows: DTSC will issue the cleanup plan for a 30-day comment period, issue a Fact Sheet, officially notice the comment period in the paper, and hold a community meeting.
We thank DTSC for including the community in their actions and we look forward to the opportunity to review and comment on the clean up plan.
Stay tuned.

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