Please Save Snakes–call Tom’s Snakes and Rattlesnake Rescue 619-933-1213

This time of year snakes and reptiles are coming out of hibernation.  If you see a snake you don’t want around, we found a great service for any one who may need
it.  Also, please find information below on how to tell the difference between rattlesnakes and totally harmless Gopher and King snakes.

Please keep this number by your phone.

Tom’s Snakes and
Rattlesnake Rescue  (619) 933-1213

Tom is a reptile expert and operates a Rattlesnake and
Reptile Rescue.  You can call him any time 24/7 and he will come and
remove/rescue your snake or reptile.
He charges $50 and can come quickly in most cases.  He
will safely remove the snake instead of killing it.
Snakes and reptiles play a VERY important role in the
natural world, not to mention how much they love to eat rodents!!!!! 
Please call Tom if you have a snake or reptile you don’t want in your yard.
Here is what the UCSB says about Rattlesnakes 
The rattlesnake’s role as an important link in the food
web far outweighs its potential danger to our well being. In fact, rodent-borne
diseases are probably controlled to a great extent by rattlesnakes and other
predators. Offer them respect, observe them from a safe distance, and then
leave them to perform their valuable ecological function.   Most
rattlesnakes have relatively weak venoms when compared to the world’s true
vipers and cobras…
Rattlesnakes will make every effort to avoid contact
with people.
Humans are far more dangerous to this secretive animal
than it is to us. Many bites are the result of someone trying to capture, kill,
or handle the snake, and a good number of bites occur to snake keepers, both
private and professional. The bite is a defensive reaction and should not be
considered an act of aggression. The rattlesnake’s rattle offers the snake a
means of communication, designed to warn larger animals of their position.

Gopher Snakes and King Snakes- Learn the Difference

Just like a Mocking Bird,
it is a sin to kill a gopher or King snake.  They are BIG TIME rodent
eaters.  Here is some info on how to tell the difference.
Also, learn what a King Snake looks like….they are your
friend too and they eat Rattlesnakes!
If you have either a Gopher Snake or King Snake roll out the
welcome mat and consider yourselves lucky.

One snake wrangler mentioned that the main way people get bit by rattlesnakes is they start whacking at them with a shovel.  

Just Call TOM’S SNAKES and stay safe!!!

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