Due Today! DTSC Community Survey on Oak Creek cleanup and remediation plan

Please submit a survey to DTSC  today about your thoughts on Oak Creek cleanup plan!!! 


Here is a link to the copy if you lost yours or didn’t get one.DTSC Survey or 


Many of us have asked for removal of those home sites (estimate sites 1-6) located above the Chatham on-site plumes or, at the very least, require soil vapor barriers under the homes as a protective measure.  
We have also asked for an additional mitigation measure to be added to notify neighbors if there is any exceedance or upset in the air monitoring from construction or cleanup.
Last, the developers should be required to state the cleanup strategy they are planning to use.  There are several options in the FEIR and they have very different impacts which were not adequately analyzed.
Due today.  Will only take a minute.

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