Some Good News on Chatham: DTSC demands additional action on Creek cleanup!

And now for something completely different– GOOD NEWS on the Chatham waste site.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the agency in charge of oversight of the cleanup, directed the Chatham Group to propose options for removing the pollution from Felicita Creek.

In a letter DTSC March 17, 2015 letter to Chatham Group DTSC said that the The conditions of the Chatham Site 5-Year Remedy Review Report (RRR) to remove site-related contaminants discharging to Felicita Creek had not been met.  It states, the PRP Group “…only proposed additional surface water sampling locations.  Effective mitigation measures were not proposed.  Therefore, requirement No. 1 has not been met”

The letter goes on to state “The Update does not evaluate in detail the mechanism which would significantly reduce or stop the flow of site related contaminants to the creek.” and noted that in a recent meeting both the DTSC and the Regional Water Quality Control Board identified a number of sites and references where a variety of remedial techniques were used to address chlorinated plumes in surface water.

DTSC has required an Alternatives Analysis by April 2, 2015.

We offer our thanks to regulators at DTSC and the Water Board for this action to remove this pollution from our community.

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