ENU Comments on SW Sewer extension proposed to trench through Chatham Plume areas

Escondido Neighbors United (ENU) filed this letter today ENU Comments Sewer MND on the SW Sewer replacement project.  This project has potentially very serious implications for human health and the Chatham plume.  We encourage everyone who lives along this route to review and comment on this project. Comments due April 1.

Our concerns include these:
·         The route of the project is over 3.4 miles through neighborhoods and areas where the Chatham contaminated waste plume has been extensively documented.   This includes almost two miles of new sewer pipe down Park Drive and Felicita Road. 
·         This project will trench 14 feet into areas where groundwater and soil vapors are known to be at levels of 4-7 feet in some areas. 
·         The project does not propose any response plan unless groundwater is reached—a condition that, based on the data, is almost guaranteed along the 3.4 mile route. 
·         The potential to expose workers and neighbors to soil vapors could occur even in areas where groundwater is not reached and, again, with no plan or mitigation in place.   Many of these chemicals are listed known or probable carcinogens and reproductive toxins.
·         The extensive Hargis Studies were not consulted (only one map) and an initial discussion of the full extent of the relevant aspects of the contamination is not included. 
·         There is no assessment of health risks from or exposure to soil vapors.
·         They will only develop a plan to address contaminated groundwater if they hit it…which is almost guaranteed…thus leaving the site open for an unknown period of time.  They should figure this out in advance.
·         Trenching for new sewer lines in new areas runs the risk of acting as a french drain collecting contaminated groundwater and transporting it to other areas where the groundwater is not contaminated or facilitate the movement of it downgradient and toward the lake.   None of this is addressed in the document.
·         This project should be subject to an EIR or, at least, a full and complete analysis .
There are many additional other concerns that we list in our letter. 
Here are the links to the project.
Here is the notice Sewer Project Notice
Here is the  Draft Envl Document SW Sewer Replacement Mitigated Negative Declaration

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