Happy New Year and 2015 Update

Happy New Year!
Hello Everyone!  Escondido Neighbors United hopes you had a wonderful holiday season, one that is restful and filled with family and the joys of the season.

As the New Year is upon us, we wanted to catch up with you on the many issues that ENU is working on.

1.  Oak Creek Housing Development.  Tentative Planning Commission Date is January 27th.  Please hold this date.  It appears that the developers are working to have Oak Creek considered on this meeting.  ENU has proposed a Community Alternative to reduce impacts on the environment and on the neighbors. Please check out our alternative if you have had a chance to look at it yet. ENU COMMUNITY ALTERNATIVE to Oak Creek

2.  Palomar Audubon Society has taken a strong position supporting a better plan at Oak Creek. Please check out their Newsletter  Palomar Audubon BandTales 2015.  Palomar Audubon also offers many wonderful birding and nature walks through the County and through out the year.  Please join them and support this wonderful organization.

3,  The Water Quality Improvement Plans for all of the local watersheds, including San Dieguito Watershed is now open for public comment.  Please go here if you would like to learn more and provide comments. SAN DIEGO WATERSHED PLANS  More on this later too.
Interested persons wishing to submit comments on the following draft documents must submit them so that they are received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 29, 2015. Written comments should be submitted electronically to:
SanDiego@waterboards.ca.govAttention: Christina Arias

There will be lots of opportunity to improve our beautiful community in 2015!  We look forward to seeing you soon and working together for a better Escondido!

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