ENU proposes revisions to new Oak Creek Proposed Plan Alt4

Escondido Neighbors United (ENU) learned of NUWI’s request to change the Oak Creek plan to  NUWI New Proposal Alt 4 last month. While the new plan removes homes from near the freeway, it merely concentrates those homes into the farmland/open space worsening the impacts we are so concerns about.  We met and discussed this proposal and developed a request for revisions and have communicated it to the city.  ENU Request for Revisions to Oak Creek Plan 
Our ENU Reduced Density Alternative A  is our attempt to find a solution that will address some, but not all, of our concerns.    ENU Plan A significantly reduces loss of Oak Trees, impacts to wildlife habitat, impacts to water quality and quantity of runoff, impacts to community character, and traffic. We appreciate city staff’s willingness to meet with us.  We believe our proposed revisions could form a compromise that would address many community concerns and allow the developers to do a project.

We hope everyone has a Gratitude filled weekend.

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