ENU comments to DTSC on Work Plan to investigate contamination on Oak Creek development site

We filed a comment letter today requesting clarifications, improvements, and additional agency review on the Homeland/Oak Creek Site Assessment by DTSC.  This is a very important regulatory oversight action that is directing the sampling and analysis of the contamination on the Oak Creek site and it is just beginning now.   The site suffers from both historic, on-site contamination and from the migration of contaminants onto the site from the Chatham Barrel Yard.  We feel that this assessment should have been completed prior to the DEIR for the housing development on Oak Creek being released.  We are requesting additional agency review of this work plan due to its high importance for current and future residents in the area, workers, and the environment. You can see our comments here:   ENU Comments to DTSC on Oak Creek Site Assessment Workplan
We urge others to review and comment on this document as well if you are interested.

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